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Vacuuming alone cannot remove dirt and soiling deep within the pile of your carpets. The abrasive particles are very destructive and over a period of time grind the carpet fibres causing permanent premature wear. Only regular professional carpet steam cleaning can remove these abrasive particles and contaminants deep within the carpet pile. I have used this proven method for many years with great results in rejuvenating carpets. We also recommend stain protector to protect carpets from every day spills and staining. 

Professional steam cleaning is a well proven process for cleaning and restoration of fabrics including lounge suits, dining chairs and upholstered furniture. Steam cleaning can be used on all types of fabrics for soiling and stain removal. We also recommend stain protection to protect from future staining which can be applied after cleaning.  

Clean Scapes also offers a rug cleaning service which includes pick up and delivery. All floor rugs undergo a through identification process to determine the fibre and construction prior to cleaning. An odour treatment is also provided before returning to our customers, I also recommend stain protector to avoid future staining. 

The upholstery in your car is often neglected and a build of soiling can cause discolouration. Professional steam cleaning will restore the appearance of your upholstery and remove the odours. Usually the upholstery dries quickly, enabling the vehicle to be back in service soon after cleaning.

To protect your valuable rugs or just cleaned car upholstery from future food and drink type staining enquire about stain protection treatment. This high quality imported product is water based so there is no odour. It leaves no sticky residue and provides a barrier to protect your upholstery and rugs against most food and drink stains and keep your upholstery and rugs looking cleaner for longer.